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1. Requesting a quote is easy and there are 3 different ways to submit. You can complete the online form, located here, you can call us at 213.489.1767, or you can email us at The more information you provide us with the better, while not required, images make the process faster and the quote more accurate.

2. With a collective 50 years of expertise in the watch industry, our team of watch buyers are guaranteed to give you the most accurate value for your watch. We are able to offer top dollar because of our extensive sales channels. We have clientele (customers, retailers, and wholesalers) all around the world that we sell to on a regular basis, allowing us to pay top dollar for your watch knowing we can sell it quickly. Our team of experts typically respond to watch quotes within 24 hours.


3. Once the estimate is agreed upon, a free fully insured overnight FedEx shipping label is emailed to you. All you have to do is package the watch securely (so it does not get damaged while in transit), affix the pre-paid label to the package, and drop it off at FedEx. That's it! Once we receive your item(s) we will do a final evaluation to make sure everything is authentic and as described. This process is typically done on the day of arrival. 


4. Get paid! Once the final evaluation is complete, we will contact you regarding payment. There are 3 different ways to be paid: (1) we can mail you a check (2) we can deposit a check in your account, as long as there is a local branch (3) store credit. Sometimes we are able to give a higher value for store credit, be sure to let us know and we will let you know what can be done!  




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