Rolex DayDate

The Rolex Day Date made history in 1956 when it became the first wristwatch to display the time, day, and date. The creation of the Day Date marks another moment that proves Rolex’s commitment to being a leader in advancing timepiece technology.

The Day Date is also referred to as the Rolex President Day Date or, simply, the President. This nickname may have sprung from the fact that the watch was also released with a newly created band, the President Bracelet, a premium bracelet that was only crafted in 18k gold or platinum. It’s been also been rumored that the watch began being referred to as the President after President Eisenhower wore the watch. Closer inspection shows, however, that Eisenhower wore a Datejust. Whatever the reason for the nickname, after its release, the Rolex President quickly became the top timepiece choice of many famous figures, including Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Ford, Reagan, Nixon, and Roosevelt.

The functionality of the Day Date, with its automatic movements and day and date discs, is matched by its attractiveness. The Rolex Day Date is an elegant and graceful entry in Rolex’s lineup of classics; its subtle and refined design is perfect for upscale wear.

Today, the Rolex Day Date comes in a variety of slightly varied models. Some notable models include the 118138, which features a green leather strap and green dial, and the 118135, which features a tobacco leather strap, a chocolate dial, and 18k rose gold.

While, originally, the Day Date was released only with the new President bracelet, today it can also be found with a leather strap or the ever-popular Oyster Bracelet. The bezel of the Day Date comes in domed or fluted versions and the timepiece is available in platinum, 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold, and 18k rose gold. The watch’s “day wheel” also now comes available in 26 different languages.

Rolex DayDate

The Day Date has had some notable adjustments to its technology over the years. In 1972, Rolex added a function that allowed the wearer to stop the watch’s second hand during a time reset. In the late 1970s, Rolex added a “quick set” feature, which allows for the date to be changed with a simple pull of a button. Today’s Day Date’s also come with increased water resistance. While the first President could only withstand water up to 50 meters deep, current models are resistant up to 100 meters.

The creation and long-lasting success of the Day Date marks one of the many moments in Rolex’s history that has shown the luxury brand’s commitment to being a leader in both luxury design and advancing timepiece technology.

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