Selling Watches With Their Boxes Are Worth More Than You Think

Many watch owners don’t consider how much value a watch box can add to a timepiece. However, when it comes time to selling watches, they’ll find that a watch box is actually worth quite a lot. Pre-owned watches that come with their original box can simply be sold at a much higher price. But why is that?

Why Do Watch Boxes Add Value to a Watch?

The reason a watch box can add value to your watch comes down to authenticity. The original box that came with your watch helps potential buyers feel confident that your watch is authentic. The same can be said for your watch’s original papers and accessories, which you should also keep.  

Keeping an original box is also a good sign that the watch owner was likely careful with their timepiece and made sure to keep it in great shape. While it is possible to sell a watch with no box, it does make it harder, and not having the box will drive the price down. Many people are simply not interested in buying a preowned watch with no box, as they consider the prospect too risky.

Do I Really Need to Keep My Watch Box?

If you care about the resell value of your watch, you should keep your watch box. You don’t have to keep it out or store your watch in the box. Just tuck the box in a safe place where it won’t get lost or damaged. Even if you don’t plan on ever selling your watch, whoever inherits it might. Remember, many luxury timepieces appreciate in value over time. Keeping your original box helps ensure that the value of your watch will be high for many years to come.

How Much is a Watch Box Worth?

So, how much value can a watch box add to a watch? Generally, a watch that comes with its original box can be sold for 15 to 50 percent more than one that comes without. Depending on the value of your watch, this can add hundreds or thousands of dollars to its asking price.

On top of that, watch boxes even have value without the watch. Watch boxes are often desired by collectors and you’ll find that many people sell boxes on their own. However, if you’re still in possession of both your box and your watch, we don’t recommend selling the box on its own. You’ll find that, though the box has value on its own, it has far more value when its accompanying its corresponding watch.

Selling Watches With or Without its Box

While selling a watch with its original box will raise its asking price, you can still sell a watch if you don’t have its box. If you’re interested in selling your watch, Stein Diamonds does buy both watches with and without boxes. If you’re considering selling your luxury watch, with or without its box, you can get a quote from us by filling out our simple inquiry form.

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