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How to Keep Your Watch in Perfect Condition

Luxury watches are made to last. However, to keep your watch in perfect condition, you do have to do regular watch maintenance. Things like regular checks, cleaning, and avoiding hazards will go a long way toward keeping your watch in great shape. To help you keep your watch looking (and performing) like brand new, here are the steps you should take to keep your watch in perfect condition.

Clean Your Watch Regularly

While luxury watches are generally made of very durable materials, they’re still prone to getting dirty and dull. So, cleaning your watch regularly is important for keeping your watch looking fresh and new.

When cleaning your watches, remember that water resistant and non-water resistant watches should be cleaned differently. When cleaning non-water resistant watches, remember that they should never get wet (or even damp). Clean those watches with a soft, dry piece of cloth. When cleaning water resistant watches, you can go for a slightly more intense cleaning by using a soft, damp piece of cloth on the case, then drying it right away with a dry cloth. For metal bracelets on water resistant watches, you can do a deeper cleaning by gently scrubbing the bracelet with a toothbrush and mild soap.

Get Regular Watch Maintenance

Regular professional watch maintenance is crucial for the performance of your watch. A general rule of thumb is that you should take your watch in for a tune up every three to five years. Though, the exact range will depend on the brand of each of your watches.

Avoid Watch Hazards

There are a few things you should keep your watch away from to avoid damage. Hazards like extreme temperatures, magnets, and chemicals (including chemicals in cologne and household cleaners) can greatly damage your watch, especially with repeated exposure. Do your best to keep your watch from being exposed to these hazards but, if they do become exposed and you’re worried about your watch, be sure to take it in to be looked at by an expert.

Get Your Watch Checked After Drops

If you drop your watch— especially if it’s from a substantial height— be sure to take it into for a check up right away and, if needed, get a watch repair. Damage to a watch from shock can be small at first but greatly increase over time. It’s best to take your watch in right away to avoid the possibility of exponential damage.

Be Sure to Keep Good Track of Your Documentation

This last tip is less about taking care of your luxury watch as it is about protecting your luxury watch value. To make sure your watch has as high of a resell value as possible, it’s crucial that you save and keep good track of everything that came with your watch. This includes your watch’s box, papers, accessories, and anything else that came with your timepiece. Having everything that came with your watch will greatly affect its resale value, so be sure to keep those in a safe place.

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