What’s the Best Place to Sell A Used Watch?

Selling used watches is a very common practice today. And there are many reasons why people sell. Some people buy luxury watches but don’t find themselves wearing them much, while other people might want to use the funds from a sold watch to upgrade to a different timepiece. Whatever the reason, watch sellers are in luck, as there’s a high demand for used watches in today’s market.

It’s easy to sell most used luxury watches, and there are many different ways to sell. But what’s the best place to sell a used watch? Let’s take a look at the most popular ways to sell a watch and evaluate the pros and cons of each.

Sell To A Specialist

Selling to an online luxury watch buying specialist is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to sell a watch. Online specialist buyers, like Sell To Stein, can often give some of the best prices for a used watch, as they deal extensively in used watches and can find buyers for used timepieces easily. They’re also knowledgable about luxury brands and market value, which allows them to know exactly what they’re buying and make strong offers.

Selling to a reputable specialist is also growing in popularity as it’s currently the safest way to sell a used watch online. Luxury used watch buying specialists generally have credentials and reputations that are easy to check.

A con of selling to a specialist is that it’s often still an online experience, unless you can make it into their physical store. And while this is quickly becoming the most popular way to sell a used watch, some people simply don’t like selling online.

Sell In An Online Marketplace

Selling a used watch in an online marketplace like eBay or Craigslist is a hands on way to sell a used watch. Which can be great— you can set your own price and feel totally in control of who you sell to.

This method of selling a watch can be risky, however. First, it may take a long time to sell your watch or the watch may not sell at all (which can is often due to not having a selling history). Secondly, online marketplaces have, unfortunately, become a breeding ground for scammers. While you can certainly find reputable buyers on these sites, there are also many untrustworthy people online who prey on novice sellers.

Sell At A Pawnshop

Selling a used watch at a pawnshop has some advantages: you’re selling in person, you’re selling immediately, and you’re getting cash for your watch right away.

But selling your used watch at a pawnshop also comes with one major disadvantage: a lower selling price. Pawnshop employees are generally not trained watch experts who will know the exact value of your watch model. Because of this, they’re very likely to give a low offer for your watch.

Sell At An Auction House

Selling at an auction house is the most traditional way to sell a luxury watch. This traditional method comes with expert assessment of your watch, along with the security of knowing you’re selling to a reputable dealer.

Selling at an auction house does have its disadvantages, however. First, there’s no guarantee that your watch will sell at the auction. Second, you do have to wait for an auction to be held— you can’t sell anytime you like. And third, auction houses do generally take a commission of your sale. So be sure you know exactly the percentage they might take before selling at an auction house.

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